With 7,000 water tests performed each year on San Antonio water, SAWS maintains the safety and cleanliness of our drinking water so that the San Antonio area never has to worry about the quality of their drinking water.

San Antonio’s water has been rated as superior by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality since 1936.

Transparency with the people of San Antonio is a major priority at SAWS, along with providing a plentiful supply of clean water for generations to come. Some of the ways that SAWS communicates with the public on water quality include:

  • An annual water quality report with data from the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • Water Quality 101 with online tips on how to positively impact the city’s water supply
  • Through a water quality hotline. San Antonio residents can report a water quality concern any time by calling 210-704-SAWS (7297).

Everyone has a part in water quality management

Things that don’t seem to be a big deal can actually do serious damage to our water system. Are you guilty of any of these water quality no-nos?

  • Over-fertilizing your yard
  • Washing your car all the time
  • Watering your lawn too often
  • Letting your septic tank leak
  • Not picking up after pets
  • Improperly disposing of automotive fluids
  • Pouring grease down your kitchen drain

It’s important to take these water quality tips to heart and use them. We’ll do our part, too. As always, SAWS is committed to preserving and conserving our most precious resource.

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