San Antonio residents, it’s time to stop driving through neighborhoods with beautifully landscaped yards and wishing you could have a yard like them. We’re here to tell you that a gorgeous garden is well within your reach, no matter what budget you’re working with. Check out these SAWS-approved tips for improving that green thumb even without a lot of green.

  1. Propagate, propagate, propagate.

If you’ve never experimented with propagation, you’re in for a treat. Propagation is the process of using cuttings or stems from existing plants to grow new ones. All you need is a clipping from an existing plant (don’t hesitate to ask your friends or neighbors if you can clip from their plants—gardeners love to share!) and place the cut end into moist soil.

  1. Use those scraps

This technique is a win-win. You get to reduce food waste, while increasing your supply at the same time. Leafy vegetables like celery and
romaine are some of the easiest to grow, as well as bulb vegetables like green onions and leeks. It’s not just veggies though; fruits can be re-grown from seeds as well, such as avocadoes and limes.

  1. Take advantage of coupons and rebates

For SAWS customers, it pays to make smart gardening decisions. Read on to learn about all the ways you can save money by conserving water.


WaterSaver Coupons

Planning to use drought-tolerant plants or permeable patios in your yard (which, in this hot and dry South Texas weather, we highly recommend)? Then you can be eligible for four $100 WaterSaver coupons. Fall coupons are available starting August 15.

WaterSaver Rewards

If you’re reading this, chances you’re interested in learning more about sustainable gardening. In San Antonio, it pays to be water wise. With WaterSaver Rewards, every time you participate in a SAWS-approved conservation event or program, you earn points that you can cash in for coupons. You can buy plants, mulch, compost, and even rain barrels with these coupons—and it’s free to join!

Free WaterSaver Consultations

SAWS is so dedicated to educating the people of San Antonio about water wise ways that we’ll send out an expert to check your irrigation system, review your plant material, talk about landscape goals, and review coupons with you for no cost at all. Schedule a consultation today. Once you do, you’re eligible for rebates if you commit to making conservation upgrades for your yard.

Coupons and rebates

Decide to replace that water-guzzling lawn with water-saving garden beds and SAWS will give you up to $400 to do it. Want to replace the lawn altogether with a patio? We’ll give you a rebate of up to $800 for it. Yes, we’re that serious about helping San Antonio stay water wise.