Infuse your yard with color

wildflower seed podsTexas is home to a gorgeous rainbow of wildflowers. Bluebonnets are just one of the species native to the south. This part of the country also welcomes Indian blanket, baby’s breath, evening primrose, black eyed Susan, and scarlet sage to name a few. Not only are wildflowers beautiful, but they contribute positively to our natural ecosystem and help pollinators.

If you’ve ever dreamed of having a wildflower patch in your yard or property, give this easy tutorial a try. All you need is pottery clay, potting soil, wildflower seeds, and water. Watch the video to get the step-by-step, then toss them where you want your wildflowers to grow. Want them to show up in spring? Then plant them during the fall!


  • 1-3 parts potting soil (find at your local plant nursery)
  • 5 parts pottery clay (find at a craft or specialty pottery store)
  • 1 part wildflower seeds (find at local plant nursery or online)
  • Water

1. Combine potting soil, clay, and water until consistency of toy clay

2. Add wildflower seeds and knead to combine

3. Let dry in cardboard box for 24-48 hours

4. Place in yard where you want wildflowers to grow

Natural beauty right in your backyard

Bring the colors of Texas home with you by introducing wildflowers into your yard. The best part is wildflowers generally have a very low water requirement, so your yard will still be beautiful even during drought or when you’re trying to save water. SAWS offers water-saving programs, coupons, rebates, and tips so that together we can keep your water bill low, while saving tomorrow’s water today.