Wake up with some spice

You could start your day with the same mundane cup of coffee that you always drink, or you could take it to a whole new level. This fall, treat yourself to some excitement and spice up your cold brew with cinnamon and cayenne. Making this cinnamon-cayenne cold brew coffee is a breeze in your French press—just combine the ingredients and place it in your fridge before you go to bed, and it’ll be ready to drink when you wake up.

cold brew


  • 6 oz. coffee beans
  • 2 tsp. cinnamon
  • Dash of cayenne
  • Cold water
  • Milk


  1. Coarsely grind coffee beans
  2. Place coffee grounds in base of French press
  3. Add 2 tsp. cinnamon
  4. Add dash of cayenne
  5. Cover with cold water, but don’t push down plunger yet
  6. Place French press in refrigerator for 12-15 hours
  7. Remove and push down plunger
  8. Pour over ice and add milk to taste

Bonus step: Don’t throw out those used coffee grounds! Toss them into your compost or directly into the soil in your garden. Coffee grounds work as an excellent fertilizer for your plants.

High-quality coffee for a high-quality day

The best coffee comes from the best water, and SAWS puts a priority on testing to ensure San Antonio water is of the highest quality. With 7,000 water tests performed each year, SAWS ensures safety and cleanliness so that the San Antonio area never has to worry about the quality of our drinking water—or our coffee. So grab your cold brew and make today waterful.