Find beauty in a drought-ready yard

When you picture a lawn that only needs a little bit of water to thrive, you may picture brown grass or drooping plants, but the truth is: it’s more than possible to have a drought-ready yard that’s still lush and beautiful. SAWS is committed to investing in water conservation in order to ensure a plentiful, high-quality water supply for generations to come. In fact, San Antonio has saved more than 1 trillion gallons of water through SAWS Conservation Programs, and homeowners replaced more than 2 million square feet of traditional grass with drought-tolerant landscape plants between 2015-2017.

Making San Antonio Waterful

We’ve taken real San Antonio homes and given them a makeunder—the improved versions are not only more interesting to look at, but they require less water to maintain, so they’re helping to set our city up for success during times of drought.

drought ready yarddrought ready yard
Waterwise yardno water landscaping

Get some green thumb inspiration with our Watersaver Landscape Tour and as you plan your own Water Wise Makeunder, be sure to check for Watersaver coupons and rebates.

Waterful Tips