DIY Compost

Tutorials on Tap: DIY Compost

Reduce waste and boost growth There are a lot of great reasons to reduce waste in the household, but one way you may not have tried yet is to create your own DIY compost. Humans have been composting, or using…

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Fruit Smoothie

Tutorials on Tap: Fruit Smoothies

Healthy and sustainable — it’s a win-win When you grow your own fruits and veggies in your garden, you open yourself up to a world of culinary opportunities you never had before. South Texas is prime for growing your own…

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Wildflower Seed Pods

Tutorials on Tap: Wildflower Seed Pods

Infuse your yard with color Texas is home to a gorgeous rainbow of wildflowers. Bluebonnets are just one of the species native to the south. This part of the country also welcomes Indian blanket, baby’s breath, evening primrose, black eyed…

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Fix A Leaky Faucet

Tutorials on Tap: Fix a Leaky Faucet

Money down the drain A few drips may seem harmless, but if your faucet is leaking all day, every day, that’s money—and water—going down the drain. Even a small drip can waste as much as 170 gallons of water each…

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Cold Brew Coffee

Tutorials on Tap: Cold Brew Coffee

Wake up with some spice You could start your day with the same mundane cup of coffee that you always drink, or you could take it to a whole new level. This fall, treat yourself to some excitement and spice…

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Garden Herb Paletas

Tutorials on Tap: Garden Herb Paletas

Farm-to-freezer treats Herbs are some of the easiest and most versatile items to grow in a garden. Luckily for South Texas gardeners, our climate is prime for some of the best herbs, including basil, cilantro, dill, oregano, parsley, and rosemary.…

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